Hazel Michelle Arroyo

Hi, there! My name is Hazel and I’m a graduate student at American University (AU) in the MA Game Design program. My main design and research interests are in the intersection of games, politics, and social issues, specifically in the genre of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) and the concepts of pervasive games, mixed reality experiences, and internet of things.

Currently, I’m planning (and on-track) to graduate with my degree in May 2020. Additionally, I am a Graduate Assistant working with the Playful City Lab researchers, under the direction of Dr. Benjamin Stokes, on the DC Storytelling System, a participatory approach to circulating neighborhood stories of history and community change by weaving digital and physical networks together. This project, to date, has led to working with collaborators including the AU Humanities Truck, the Smithsonian Institution, and the DC Public Libraries.

Want to try out the SMS side of our interactive storytelling system? Open the camera on your phone and scan the following QR code. Side note: I firmly believe that QR codes are going to be making a come-back in the West.


During Summer 2019, I interned at the Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) in Washington, DC helping to develop interactive science education curriculum as well as aiding in game production with SSEC’s digital team.

Prior to grad school, I worked hard for three years and earned a BA in Anthropology from the University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo) in 2015.

Take a look around and check out what I’ve finished so far and what I’m working on right now. If you want to talk about what you see here, feel free to drop a line on the “Contact” page.